Laura Beach was lucky enough to grow up in a household with a 'dream big' dad and an artistic mom who introduced her to all things art and crafty. It wasn't until the year 2000, that Laura found her true love of carving wood, sharp tools, and old world crafts in the printmaking halls at UC Davis. It was a done deal after that and she and the printmaking halls would never be the same again. She graduated with a minor in printmaking alongside her major in the biological sciences. She somehow finagled her way in as a TA and was given the 'golden' studio key for her last summer in the Davis heat.

Laura's reduction cut woodblock creations of majestic red poppies, chirping redwing blackbirds, and the shy leafy sea dragon are inspired by endless hours spent outdoors in water and on land. Inspiring friends helped Laura to get her very own etching press and it was the start of blissful woodcut printmaking - the wave being the very first print pulled on the press! It was a few short years later that Laura discovered the amazing craft and skill of letterpress. Combining her love of graphic design, woodcut prints, and being a total font nerd together with metal type, luscious paper, and irresistibly heavy machinery, Laura officially started experimenting with letterpress on a small Kelsey tabletop press.

Through wonderfully amazing friends and an always supportive family, Laura added a second press to her studio, a 1,000 lb Chandler and Price Platen baby and officially launched: Thoughtful Migration, Laura Beach Letterpress and Woodcuts. Laura continues to intertwine her nature-inspired designs with all manner of fonts and ink to create woodblock prints, letterpress stationary, and custom design projects with a feel good vibe for any occasion.